You’ll get hooked on Acura’s awesome free retro racing game

Acura’s Awesome Free Retro Racing Game

If you’re looking for an awesome free retro racing game, you’ve come to the right place. Acura has rolled out a game called Beat That, which ties into their Less Talk, More Drive advertising campaign. There are six different tracks, each with a different racing game to match the car’s era. You can play the game directly from the Acura website or on its Facebook Instant Games page.

Horizon Chase

For those who love the look of old school 16-bit racing games, Horizon Chase is the perfect choice. The smooth polygonal aesthetic and retro color schemes will make you want to race for the win in this game. With over 26 cars to unlock, Horizon Chase will have you feeling like you’re racing through the past. There’s also an arcade-like feel to the car physics to make up for the lack of realism. The graphics are also quite cool and vibrant.

The game features a cool tutorial that shows off all the game’s features. The music is equally apt for the retro feel of the game. It was composed by Barry Leitch, who has worked on many classic racing games. You can download Horizon Chase for free on iOS or Android. It’s worth a download, though! Here are some great features:

Playing the game is easy. The NSX can cruise past palm trees in 8-bit Beach, the RDX A-Spec can tackle the snowy summit, and the Type S can pilot the futuristic tube of Cyber Tunnel. As you’ll quickly discover, the game’s physics are very similar to those of its arcade counterparts. The game is available on iOS and Android, but you can also play it on Facebook Instant Games.

The racing game Horizon Chase is a good example of this. It is a classic arcade game, inspired by some of the best driving games of the 80s. There are plenty of modes to choose from, including World Tour, Tournament, Endurance, and Playground. All of them include time attacks and weather changes. You can even play multiplayer on multiple devices and enjoy the experience in split-screen mode.

Type S: Chiaki’s Journey

If you’re looking for a new free racing game, you’ve come to the right place! Acura’s awesome free retro racing game will have you hooked in no time! Set at the upcoming Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach, this game showcases the new line-up of Acura Type S performance vehicles. The game also features music from NEMOPHILA, an all-female metal band.

The game opens with an incredible intro featuring the NSX Type S and TLX Type S. It shows Chiaki driving the NSX against a TLX Type S. The car’s graphics and music change with each frame, while the characters’ hair moves with each frame. The video is a great way to get hooked on Type S: Chiaki’s Journey is free and will keep you addicted to the brand’s awesome retro racing game for the Type S!

In this free game from Acura, players can pilot the 2020 Type S on six different courses. You can drive the NSX on the 8-bit Beach track, pilot the RDX A-Spec on the snowy summit, or pilot a Type S through the futuristic Cyber Tunnel. You can play this game on your computer, mobile device, or Facebook Instant Games!

In addition to the free video game, Acura has also created a TV series based on the same story. The series debuted at the 2022 Virtual Sundance Film Festival and is now available on YouTube. The series is designed to evoke the nostalgia of anime-style racing games of the 1980s and 1990s. It liberally uses Japanese writing and features a London-based studio.

Micro Pico Racers

Micro Pico Racers is a top down arcade racing game with retro graphics and little cars that are designed to speed up the action. You’ll enjoy playing this game on your Xbox One or Xbox Series XS, and you’ll be sure to love its nostalgic soundtracks and sound design, which is inspired by the classic 16-bit era. But, what about the gameplay?

As you’d expect from Acura, the gameplay and visuals have been influenced by the late 80s and early 90s, giving this game a very authentic retro feel. The game’s soundtrack draws from synthpop and jazz fusion, and the music is appropriately reminiscent of that time period. It’s also possible to race in exotic locations and try drifting. The game’s unique themes add to the excitement and depth of the game play.

The game has six different tracks, with each track representing a different decade. You can race the Acura NSX along the 8-bit Beach and pilot the 2020 Acura RDX A-Spec on the Snowy Summit. You can also race the futuristic Type S through the Cyber Tunnel. If you like playing games, you’ll love Acura’s latest game! You can find it on Facebook Instant Games.

Colin McRae

If you love old school arcade games, then you’ll love Acura’s free retro racing game. The game features six cars, each with their own environments. You can drive a 1980’s Acura NSX in the 8-bit Beach level, a new 2020 RDX A-Spec tackling the snowy summit, and even a futuristic Type S through the cyber tunnel.

The game features the Integra Type R, ARX-5 race car, and 2020 NSX. You can even drive a futuristic Type S concept. Acura Drive Time offers an extensive customization option with distinct themes and graphics. You’ll get hooked playing this game and forgetting about everything else. It’s available on desktop computers, mobile devices, and even Facebook Instant Games.

The Acura brand is using a free retro racing video game to promote its brand. The game is available on Facebook, Android, and iOS. Depending on which platform you play it on, you’ll be able to choose from six different car models. The more you play, the more you’ll unlock! And the best part? It’s free! Whether you’re looking to practice your skills or learn more about your favorite car brand, you’ll quickly find yourself addicted to Acura’s awesome free retro racing game.

Horizon Chase is another free retro racing game by Acura. It’s a great throwback to the 80s, with its nostalgic graphics and retro-style game play. Despite the lack of realistic driving, the graphics are enjoyable and the color palette is beautiful. If you’re a fan of the 80’s, you’ll love Horizon Chase. You’ll have fun playing this arcade-style game.

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