What to Expect During the Closet Installation Process

If you plan to have a custom closet installed, here are some critical steps to prepare for your installation. First, keep the area clean and free of decorations. Heavy hammering will be required. Finally, ensure no children are in the installation area.


There are many preparations for the closet installation process. In addition to preparing the space, you should remove all personal items from the room and clean the flooring. Before releasing the old closet system, you should clear the room and any adjacent walls to ensure that the installation team has sufficient space to work. If you’re planning to install a closet system with a backing, you should remove all of your existing furniture, including dressers, beds, and dressers.

Before hiring Pittsburgh custom closet installationl to install the new closet system, you should remove all your current closet contents. You can do this by donating or removing any unwanted items. Another way to purge old closet items is to go through them with a critical eye. Fill a box with your good things, and donate the rest. If you still have a few items in poor condition, you can donate them to charity.

If the closet system requires you to install adjustable shelves, you should learn where studs are on the wall. If the wall is uneven, you should use snap toggles to secure the rails. Drawers are installed with slides. Mark the closet inside so you know where to place drawer runners.

Preparation for a custom closet

The first step in planning a custom closet installation is preparing your home for the process. This means creating a blueprint for the closet’s organization system and determining its size. The quality of the finished product depends on the preparation process, and improper preparation can result in unexpected results. Therefore, preparing the room, walls, and floor for installation is essential before hiring a contractor. If you want a professional installation, follow these steps to prepare your home for custom closets.

In addition to ensuring your closet has a blank wall, you must remove any personal items from the room. This includes shoes, coats, and any other movable items. Removing any paint or wallpaper before the installers start work is a good idea. Painting the walls may also be helpful. Just make sure you let the paint dry before you start the installation. Finally, depending on the type of closet system you’ve ordered, you might have to remove some furniture.

The first step in preparing for a custom closet installation is declutter your home. Before contacting a custom closet installation service provider, remove any old flooring. Next, prepare the room by cleaning the flooring and removing all fixtures. You’ll also need to free up some space in the bedroom for the installation team. Next, move any furniture out of the way and secure pets and children. Then, clean the space thoroughly.

Preparation for a custom closet installation

Before your new custom closet installation begins, prepare the area for it. First, clear the space of any old flooring. Remove anything that could become a tripping hazard. Next, clear the walls and surrounding areas of furniture and other personal items to make room for the new closet. Once the room is clear, remove any items from the room to make way for the new custom closet. Make sure that your children and pets are out of the way.

Measure the wall before your new custom closet installation. Use a stud finder to identify the framing members. Then, use screws to attach the new wall plates to the framing. You can also install new drawers, which can be installed after the shelves are in place. Drawer runners must be marked inside the closet before installation. The size of the runner will determine the space between drawers.

Before your custom closet installation, clean the area. Make sure there is plenty of space for the installer to work. If the room isn’t already clean, it will be easier to install the custom closet. Clean any dirt or crud, and ensure the walls have ample time to dry. You can also give away any old clothing and donate it to charity. 

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