What is Cookie Run Kingdom And Tier List?

Cookie Run: Players may choose from a large selection of cookies available in the Kingdom. In a team, each Cookie plays an important job such as Charge or Support.

With so many alternatives, it’s inevitable that a disparity between the abilities of different characters would emerge.

This page contains a comprehensive tier list, which ranks all of the cookies presently played in Cookie Run: Kingdom from best to worst in terms of quality.

The cookies are split exclusively on the basis of their individual merit, with no consideration given to their class or rarity. You can see our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List here.

Who is the cookie that is the most difficult to get by in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Currently, the Frost Queen Cookie is the most valuable and rarest cookie in the game, making it the most sought-after item in the game.

What is the greatest cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom 2021, and how can you get it?

Cookies of the S-tier are the finest of the best in Cookie Run Kingdom, the crème de la crème of the cookie world. Out of more than 60 different cookies, just a handful make it into this list.


There are two cookies that are exceptionally uncommon due to the high pace at which they drop. So, without further ado, we can state unequivocally that the Hollyberry and Pure Vanilla cookies are now the most difficult to come by in CRK.

When it comes to putting up the greatest squad possible, you may want to be aware of the abundance of cookies available!

Listed by rarity and strength, each cookie type in the Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list may be found in the following section: Tier List. Hopefully, this will assist you in fielding the most formidable squad possible.

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, here all you need to know about rerolling your character’s stats.

  • Begin the game by logging in with a guest account.
  • Make use of any promo codes that are presently in effect.
  • You should call upon your cookie and hope for one of our tier S/S+ cookies at this point.
  • If you’re having good luck, just keep playing and don’t worry about what happens next. If you’ve been dealt a bad hand, continue reading below.
  • Logging out of the app may be accomplished using the Menu > Settings > Info menu option.
  • Restart the procedure from the beginning.

If you’re looking for more, why not check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom codes, Thank you for reading.

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