Unbuild is a puzzle game about disassembling tower blocks, out now on iOS

If you’re looking for a puzzle game with tower blocks, you’ve come to the right place. Unbuild is a new puzzle platformer that requires you to assemble blocks in a specific way. This game has similarities to Angry Birds and Bridge Constructor. This game was developed by Klickaffen Studio, which also created other mobile games, including Rafting Dog, Garden Adventurers, and Wolf Guard.

Unbuild is a puzzle game about disassembling tower blocks

If you’re looking for a fun new puzzle game for your iOS or Android device, Unbuild is a promising new title. This puzzle game is a physics puzzle, and you’ll be challenged to assemble the pieces in the simplest way possible. It’s also free for iOS and Android users, so there’s no excuse not to give it a try!

The structures in Unbuild are reminiscent of those in the Angry Birds series, with simple blocks. Unlike the puzzle game Jenga, which requires players to re-arrange the blocks so that they’re in the correct position, Unbuild allows players to discard them once they’re finished with them. As long as the tower doesn’t fall, they’re safe.

It’s a puzzle-platformer

A new puzzle-platformer for iOS and Android devices is Unbuild, which asks players to disassemble structures without letting them touch the ground. In a similar way to the game Jenga, you must carefully place back the blocks on top of one another to reassemble it. In Unbuild, you can also discard blocks once they are removed, but be careful to avoid toppling the tower!

It involves assembling tower blocks

If you’re a fan of games that feature towers, you’ll want to check out Unbuild, a new physics puzzle game for iOS and Android. This game requires you to disassemble structures without them touching the ground, similar to the popular Jenga game. You can throw out the blocks you remove to keep the tower standing, and as long as you don’t let the tower fall, you’re safe.

Players must place as many bricks as they can on the tower before the tower reaches a certain cutoff point. In order to succeed, you’ll need to use your creativity and engineering skills to solve physics and build your towers. You’ll need to be able to overcome physics and come up with creative solutions in order to reach the cutoff point. Unbuild is a great puzzle game for players of all ages and skill levels!

It’s available on iOS

A new physics puzzle game is available for iOS devices: Unbuild. The game entails dismantling a structure without it touching the ground. Similar to the game Jenga, it involves removing blocks and reassembling them so that the tower will not fall. The biggest difference between the two games is that Unbuild allows players to discard blocks and place them back in a different order, allowing for greater variety. The best part is that you can move your tower without it falling over.

The game’s gameplay is surprisingly simple and addictive. Players take turns taking logs out of the tower, but they must be careful not to lose any of them. The game’s physical physics felt a little jittery, almost like feathers. It’s also easy to pull pieces out of the tower using a swipe, which means that it’s fun even for younger players.

Aside from the game itself, you can also download the game’s demo version. While the full game is expected to launch next week, you can download the demo version for free to give it a try before you buy it. It’s available on iOS and Android. The demo version of the game is free to try out and contains only two levels. However, if you like the game’s gameplay, you can buy the app at $1.

The game plays much like other iOS games, with the same mechanics and gameplay as other puzzle-platformers. However, the psychedelic aesthetic makes this game very unique. The only real downside is that ads are present, but the ad count is capped at 24. Despite this, the game is well worth a try if you love disassembling puzzles.

It’s a puzzle game about disassembling tower blocks

If you want to challenge your brain in a fun way, you should check out Unbuild, a new physics puzzle game out now for iOS. The game is a fun way to practice your logic and keep your mind sharp while disassembling tower blocks. It also comes with a free demo version. The game is available on iOS and Android devices. The demo version features two levels and requires a clean mind.

The game’s gameplay is very similar to that of Angry Birds and Bridge Constructor. It was developed by Klickaffen Studio, the developer of several mobile games, including Angry Birds, Rafting Dog, Garden Adventurers, and Wolf Guard. Users of Unbuild can also play offline as well as online with friends. If you’re looking for an addictive game, download Unbuild right away and start disassembling tower blocks!

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