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Since Apple Arcade’s launch in September of 2019, there have been so many amazing games that have launched through the service. There are many, many games launched and updated each month – and loads of them are super high quality, as you’d expect from things which received the Apple seal of approval. Because there are so many of them, we’ve come together to create this list of the best new Apple Arcade games of 2020.
For those of you who still aren’t sure what Apple Arcade is, it’s a service on iPads and iPhones where you can pay a monthly subscription to access a bunch of high quality games, to play as much as you want. These games are exclusive to Apple Arcade and can’t be found on other mobile devices, so this is really your only chance to play them. Apple Arcade is curated by Apple, which means these games meet a very high quality standard!
None of the games have further ads or in-app purchases, making Apple Arcade a great service for those who want quality games presented to them each and every month, without having to wade through all of the AppStore. With so many games launching this year, we have spent some time cherry-picking the best of the best, to share the best new apple arcade games of 2020.
Let’s dive into them.
Alba was released at the very end of the year, but is really an amazing game that’s worth downloading and playing. Alba is a young girl, who is able to make a difference in the world through a companion app in her phone and generally being a good person. Using your phone, you are able to take snaps and identify various animals on the small island your grandparents live on. The island does have various small tasks that can also be done, from picking up trash to fixing signs, which will then help the wildlife around you. Alba is full of joy, adventure, and beautiful wildlife.
The Last Campfire is another stunning game, this time in the puzzle genre, with a bit of adventure thrown in. You play as a lost character, in a strange place, looking for a way home. The world in The Last Campfire is quite open, challenging you to explore, discover interesting creatures, and find your way to the next area and beyond. Using the world around you is the only way to progress and hopefully find a bit of hope to guide you home. There is quite a bit of story in The Last Campfire, which really brings the game to life.
The Pathless is a stunning, open world, action adventure game that has a seamless movement style, making the game stand out among others. You play as an archer, who is currently in a large, slightly dark forest. You are looking to life the curse of the darkness, through shooting targets as you slide, speeding up and exploring the land. You will need to hunt corrupted spirits with your eagle, find secrets, solve puzzles, and help heal the world from darkness itself.
Butter Royale is a family friendly battle royale game, where you can play as a variety of different, colorful, wacky characters – fighting with food-related items in a massive food fight. Instead of bullets, shoot hotdogs or popcorns at your enemies. Whack them with a giant steak. This game brings all of the action of a battle royale to your phone, without all of the gore and violence that goes into those types of games.
Roundguard is a dungeon crawler mashed with a pinball machine, creating a bouncy game full of loot and strange yet cute enemies. Bouncing your way down the dungeon, you can attack enemies as you fall, break pots, grab potions, and earn loot in these randomized levels. The levels themselves are very simple, but with so much loot to find and unlock, it’s just so fun to play one more level!

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