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You can unlock loads of hidden games on Google.
All you need to do is enter the correct codes into the search engine.
These games are Easter eggs, coded into Google by witty developers.
And they’re all free to play – so it’s a great way to kill some time.
Some of these games have even been revealed on TikTok.
Gaming fans may know Atari Breakout is a renowned as an arcade classic.
It involves breaking coloured blocks with a ball that you control with your space bar.
To play it, type the text “Atari Breakout” into Google Search.
The beloved Pacman game can be played easily on Google.
All you have to do is type “Pacman” into Search and click “Play”.
Google will play a game of Tic Tac Toe, also called noughts and crosses, against you.
All you need to do is type “Tic Tac Toe” into Search.
It may be harder to win than you think.
Snake had a cult following back in the 90s and Google Chrome is a great way to keep playing the addictive game.
Just type in “play snake” to Google Search and the game will pop up.
There’s also a hidden dinosaur game inside Google that you can play without an internet connection.
It’s nicknamed Dino Runner, and is an endless runner game that sees you sprinting and hopping over obstacles to earn a high score.
It’s designed to give phone and laptop users something to do when the WiFi is down.
First, you need to lose access to both WiFi and mobile internet. Turn off your internet on a computer, or switch to Airplane Mode on a phone.
Then load up Google Chrome and try to launch a website – which should fail.
You’ll then see a “No internet” page with a dinosaur at the top.
On a computer, simply press the space bar and the game will active.
Then slam the space bar to jump over obstacles to earn a higher score.
For mobile users, tap on the dinosaur with your finger – then tap the screen to make the dinosaur jump.
The highest possible score is 99,999 – but it’s a hard target to hit unless you’re a dedicated gamer.
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