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The next addition in the Real Racing series, Real Racing Next, has just been announced by EA’s Firemonkey Studios. Since the test version of the game is now available on Android in Canada and Australia, I downloaded it straight away and have been playing it for over a day now. So obviously, it’s time for some Real Racing Next first impressions. Before going ahead, I want to clarify that the game is in the early stages of development, and everything mentioned here is subject to change.


Real Racing Next is the upcoming addition to the popular mobile game racing series Real Racing. The developers of the title claim that it will revolutionize mobile racing games. It will be a free-to-play title with optional in-app purchases and will release on both Android and iOS platforms sometime in the future.

Game Overview

In Real Racing Next, you can pick any car available and drive it on any of the four tracks available at that time. These four tracks keep changing every few minutes, meaning you sometimes will find yourself racing on Circuit of the Americas, while the next time you might be racing on Lime Rock Park. Each track also has a different kind of race ongoing such as sprints, Cup, or even Duel.
In Real Racing Next, you get slowdowns for corner-cutting, and players can also check their fastest lap time and sector times on the end screen. Both of these features will be highly appreciated by hardcore racing game fans.

Real Racing Next is very realistic

I am a huge motorsports fan, and Real Racing Next cheered me up on the very first lap since it has fairly accurate physics. Yeah, sometimes the car reacts a bit too much, and you might feel like you’re playing Rally Rush, but other than that, the look and feel of the game is very realistic.


The progression has changed a bit compared to Real Racing 3. Now, you unlock new cars based on a pack system. There is a trophy system as well; each race will earn you trophies which will help you move ahead on the Trophy road to unlocking prize. Completing races will also net you season points, which will help you progress on the Sponsor Pass scale, unlocking more prizes. The sponsor pass has both free and premium pass options.

Final Words

I am really not a fan of how this game has been monetized. It kind of pushes you to make in-app purchases. However, the game has no energy system (you also don’t have to service cars), and I am pleased with this change because it lets you play as much as you want – but do keep in mind that there is a limit on season points that you can earn in a specific time period.
Ultimately, Real Racing Next is a fantastic mobile game. Is it a revolution in the mobile gaming genre? Definitely not! It’s basically what we would expect from Real Racing 4. Just a bit of an upgrade, nothing fancy. But with that being said, do keep in mind that the game is far from its global launch, so anything can change.


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