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PUBG Redeem Code: PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battleground is a virtual multiplayer battle royale game. The game is built on a format where the fittest survive, the players keep on fighting until they have a winner. It is very similar to Suzzane Collins’ The Hunger Games, where the last surviving tribute wins the game. The game is created by a subsidiary of Bluehole, a South Korean company, named PUBG Corporation. Initially, it was launched on Microsoft windows in the year 2017 and then on Xbox but it gained popularity when it came as a free play game that enabled users to play it on mobile. The mobile version gave PUBG massive recognition and it soon became a best seller.
The game is influenced by the Japanese film Battle Royale, released in the year 2000.
Brendan Greene, the creator of PUBG mobile, created many games on a similar setup but later on developed PUBG into a standalone game.
The game has a 64 km square island where players are dropped through a parachute. They have to hunt for weapons and kill other players in order to survive, the player or team which survives till the last, wins.
PUBG crossed 1 billion downloads in March 2021 and became one of the most played games along with Fortnight, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, etc. PUBG’s net worth is more than 4 million dollars. PUBG Mobile celebrated its third anniversary and hosted a party with DJs Alesso, Lost Frequencies, and R3HAB.
PUBG redeem code is a 12 digit alphanumeric code that gives rewards to the users. PUBG mobile has various features for changing clothes, the skin of arms emotes, etc, generally, these premium features are bought through actual money as PUBG UC but PUBG redeem codes enables users to get these legendary items like hot pants, miniskirts, sunglasses, etc for free.
How can you find Redeem Codes in PUBG Mobile?
PUBG mobile releases redeem codes in their mailbox on special occasions like ceremonies and anniversaries. They also release redeem codes during official live streams and most frequently on their social media account. So, you can follow them on social media and regularly check your mailbox to get redeem codes and enjoy premium features. PUBG mobile completed its third anniversary in March 2021 and released a lot of redeem codes, so it is the best time to upgrade your game free of cost.

How to apply to redeem codes in PUBG Mobile? 
Step 1: Visit the official PUBG Mobile Redeem Centre. Link:
Step 2: Fill in the asked details, like your PUBG Mobile ID, Redeem Code and Verification Code.
Step 3: Tap the ‘Redeem Code’ button after filling in the details.
Step 4: Check all the items appearing in the dialogue box and click the ‘okay’ button.
Your reward will be sent to the PUBG Mailbox.

On its 3rd anniversary, PUBG Mobile released a 1.3 update for their fans worldwide. The new update has many fresh and thrilling changes to the app, such as multi-game modes, new vehicle, Hundred Rhythms and many in-game improvements. You can download the updated version from Google Play store or PUBG Mobile’s official website.
PUBG Mobile is a smooth-running version for a low-priced phone with less RAM and storage capacity. It is for 60 players who land on a 4km square island with excellent graphics. It has quick-paced games and a small map but provides a similar experience to the original version of PUBG Mobile. The app is only for android phones and takes 0.6 GB of space and a minimum of 1GB RAM.
It also has a new Winner Pass feature which is a tier-based reward mechanism. Players have to complete given tasks and get high ranks to get in-game rewards like arm skins, costumes, etc.
You can download the app from Google Play store or PUBG Mobile Lite official website. Follow the given steps to download it from the website:
Step 1: You first need to log into the official website of PUBG Mobile Lite.
Step 2: Click on the “Download APK” button, the game will start downloading.
Step 3: Unable the install from an unknown source option.
Step 4: Locate and install the file.
PUBG Mobile is also played professionally and can give you more than just Chicken Dinners. PUBG Mobile host official tournaments in which winning teams can win up to lakhs! There are global and regional tournaments, in the global tournament the players should be resident of the region they are representing. If you are playing for America, you must be residing somewhere in America.
The tournament is generally played in teams of four and has an option to have a player as a substitute. The team must have a captain to represent them and must be present in every roaster. The captain can’t be changed in between of the tournament.
There are regular-season matches in which 32 teams compete with each other. The season has a group stage, semi-finals and then finals. In the Finale, 16 teams play 8 to 12 matches and the last surviving team becomes the champion.

PUBG Mobile can be played very easily on a PC using an Emulator, which is a software application that allows your mobile to imitate Android OS features into your PC. The developers of PUBG Mobile have created their own emulator, called ‘Tencent Gaming Buddy’. The best part of the PC version is that you don’t need a very high-end PC for playing this game.
The PC version can be downloaded from this link.

PUBG Play Online
PUBG Mobile needs a good internet connection and cannot be played offline. The app size is about 2GB and continuously have new updates every now and then. The frequent updates raised the demand for an online mode so that players can play it online without much data in updates. Though there is no such feature as of now according to some reports, it is under development.
PUBG Names 
PUBG allows user to have a unique and creative username for themselves and helps people finding you through it. A cool username can help you get recognition from people and leave an impression on them. The name must be unique to you and can use symbols to make it cool. There are many online name generators in case you are having a creative block.

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