Prophecy Update

Prophecy Update

In this Prophecy Update, Pastor Mat shares a vital lesson on deception during the last days. He also shares some important words on the gathering of the saints. The timing of this prophecy update is crucial! Read on to discover more! The end of the world is near! Listen to this enlightening Prophecy Update to see when it will come! There are a few important dates to watch for in the end times!

Matthew 24:1-14

The Book of Matthew contains many references to the Second Coming of Jesus. This prophecy update contains references to two different times when Jesus would come. The first time he appeared was on the day of Pentecost, but in Matthew 24:3, Jesus refers to the question again. This time, Jesus says that no one knows when He will come, but only His Father. As such, it is not possible for Him to know the day and hour of His coming during His earthly ministry.

The second time that Jesus appears in Matthew 24:1-14 is in the form of the Abomination of Destruction. The word “abomination” refers to a person or entity that stands in a holy place. The Abomination of Desolation is symbolic of a time when Jewish people will be delivered to tribulation. However, this does not necessarily mean the end of the world is near.

The abomination of desolation cannot be Roman armies or totalitarian governments. Instead, it must be the image of the Antichrist that will rise in the temple. This would be the definitive sign of the end. Though the prophecies made in Matthew 24 have not yet been fulfilled, the destruction of Jerusalem and the desecration of the Temple under Antiochus Epiphanies was a foreshadow of the fulfillment of Matthew 24.

Another passage from Matthew that carries an updated version of the parousia translates as “presence” and refers to Jesus’ future second coming. The disciples understood parousia as “presence” after the first coming. They were not expecting the Second Coming until it had already occurred. And since the temple was destroyed before the Romans entered the city, they interpreted this as the fulfillment of the parousia.

The second time Jesus answers the question of when the end of the world will occur, He gives a list of seven signs. These signs include the emergence of counterfeit Christs. There have been 1,100 false Christs in the last 50 years. The division of the world and continued conflict will be another sign. The end is near – we are approaching the time when the Son of Man will return in power and great glory.

The Revelation message is given in the middle of the last seven years, but the exact time is not given. In fact, the Revelation message is given near the end of the book, which seems to precede the Bowl Judgments. As a result, the world will know when Jesus is coming when it sees the “sign” in the sky. The first century Jews did not know this, but the time is near.

One of the most powerful commentators on Matthew writes that the first time the Messiah returns, many will fall away. The term falling away is defined as abandoning God’s way. Those who fall away are not genuine believers; they have not been born again and are not Christ possessors. Others may have been Christ professors, but did not have the possession of the Messiah. However, they were still persecuted by professing Christians.

2 Thessalonians 2:1-10

A 2 Thessalonians 2:1-10 prophetic update can help you understand what will happen to the earth during the Tribulation. The letter to the Thessalonians is a warning of what is to come and how the Church must prepare. The first part of this letter warns that the day of the Lord is near. In 2 Thessalonians 2:1-10, we are told that this rapture will be accompanied by persecution.

Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians is a clear warning against idleness. Those who are idle have a lot to lose in life, and their faith in Christ is threatened by false teachers. But their hope in Christ’s return should be their encouragement even in the face of suffering. Moreover, this hope should motivate them to live responsibly for the cause of Christ.

We can see this in the letter’s scope, which extends from eternity past to eternity future. We can conclude that believers who stay will see the Redeemer at His second coming. Those who remain will witness His beautiful return. And we can’t miss it! And remember that He’ll be back, too. It’s a good time to prepare for his coming!

This letter also shows that the Thessalonian believers were progressing well in their Christian life. However, Scripture twisters would have hoped to exploit several factors to their advantage. Persecution had been intense and the Thessalonians were eager for it to be over. Paul had promised that the time would come when the church would be blessed. But in fact, they did not.

The coming of the lawless one is not the end of the world, as long as the church resists it. It’s God who judges the world in accordance with His Word. That’s why we should pray for the church to resist the lawless man. After all, if the church is restrained from doing its work, the house will fall. And this is the most important prophecy.

The church must resist the temptations of unbelieving neighbors and friends. They are clamoring for things that will never satisfy. We must be ready to obey God’s command to believe the gospel and to live holy lives. We must be ready for the Lord’s return. Only then can we have true peace. In other words, we must be ready for His Second Coming. That’s what God wants us to do! So, how do we get ready for His Second Coming?

The traditional view understands “falling away” as the apostasy. This view is supported by the standard commentary. The rapture view is held by some. Either way, the end of the world is approaching! This prophecy update shows that the end of the world is imminent! The only question that remains is whether the believers are prepared. But the Bible is our best guide in preparing for the coming of the Lord.

Daniel 7:13-23

A prophecy update for the end of the world is presented in Daniel 7:13-23. The first beast is a lion, but it is also more majestic. It is said to rule its realm. Daniel later says the four beasts represent four kingdoms. The lion represents the Babylonian Empire, while the eagle represents Nebuchadnezzar.

The rock is not unqualifiedly identified with the kingdom. Rather, it becomes “a mountain that filled the earth.” In the prophecy, the rock is not identified, but rather associated with the kingdom. The rock, in other words, remains unidentified. What does this mean? Is this a reference to the people of Israel? This question is an important one to answer if we want to understand Daniel’s prophecy update.

In addition to the thrones, the ‘anointed’ leader is identified. The “son of man” may be a high priest, Zerubbabel, or Joshua. The ‘thrones’ may refer to more than two thrones, including the heavenly court. A more modern interpretation would put the son of man in the heavenly court, but Daniel’s prophecy was a foundational book of the Old Testament.

The fourth beast is particularly interesting to Daniel. His horn is also conspicuous. It possesses great destructive power, and he makes war on God’s people and the saints. Hence, Daniel’s interest in this beast is not in vain. However, his horn is the Antichrist’s crown, and he will be known as the king of the world.

The first revelation of the Antichrist comes when Daniel is in his sixties. He had already lived through the overthrow of his people, nation, and hometown. He had survived the exile in Babylon, the training of the Chaldeans, and his life in the service of a foreign king. What he had seen in that time would come to pass for the Israelites in the future.

Daniel 7:13-23 is an update to a prophecy that is centuries old. The four beasts of the end of the world will come in fours. The first three will be human-like, but the fourth will have a blasphemous horn. This beast will be a ruler who will oppose the people of God. The Ancient of Days sits on his throne and shoots fire. He represents the ultimate judge of the earth. The fourth beast is killed and consumed by fire by God, while the other beasts are spared or have their power withdrawn.

In addition to the prophecy update, the translator of Daniel 7:13-23 has made some changes to the text. First of all, he makes a distinction between the Ancient of Days and the Son of Man. The translator may have changed the focus of the text to this new vision. This vision was fulfilled only after Jesus came. Furthermore, it required the involvement of a corporate body, the church.

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