Miu – An Uncle Who Runs a Weapon Shop With a Young Demon Niece

I’ve been watching videos of a guy running a weapon shop and I keep getting the same vibes:
He’s more capable than he looks! What’s worse? He has a young demon niece who’s even
cuter than he looks! Luckily, this young demon plays a role in this new world. Read on to find
out more about this guy and why you should give him a chance!
Characteristics of a weapons shop owner
There are many different types of gun shops, but one thing is certain: the business of selling

guns and weapons is not for the faint of heart. The gangland type of shop, which sells illegally-
made weapons, is a prime example
. Unlike the legitimate shop, these people do not seek to

rob people but instead attempt to sell illegal weapons. Often, these shops will sell illegal
weapons to people who want to use them for their own personal gain.
He is more able than he looks
Miu is an incredibly talented weapons shop owner. His ability to take down demons far
outweighs his looks, and even though he isn’t particularly handsome, he is more able than he
looks. This fact makes him an ideal choice for a scout. His first trial sees him take on the role
of a young demon named Loli. His past is a mystery, but he is definitely more powerful than his

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