Free RPG Day’s best games, including Root, Zombicide, and indie RPGs

If you’re looking for Free RPG Days best games, this article will cover some of the most interesting titles. The titles reviewed include Reap & Sow, Blue Rose, and Root Zombicide. Read on for some tips on what to expect in these free RPG days games. We’ll also discuss the latest games released by Cubicle Seven. We’ll conclude with our favorite Free RPG Days module.

Blue Rose

Green Ronin’s second edition of Blue Rose was funded on Kickstarter back in 2015. The game is a romantic fantasy adventure set in a primordial old-growth forest, full of monsters, spirits, and sapient psychic animals. Unlike many other free RPG games, Blue Rose is a romantic game that embraces gender inclusivity. It also features some of the best art in the genre. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll love this game.

The best part of Free RPG Day is the free game content! Just like Free Comic Book Day, you can download and play RPGs for free. The participating companies often have extra copies of their games available for download as well, so make sure to grab them while you can! It’s also a good chance to meet new people who share your love of role-playing games. Polygon even has a preview of what you can expect from Free RPG Day.

Root Zombicide

The Free RPG Days campaign is one of the most popular in the genre. Players will be thrown together as Survivors in a classic cruise ship with a promenade deck, swimming pool, night club, and grand ballroom. They must battle for survival as they make their way across the decks to reach the bridge. The Zombicide Free RPG Day mission booklet is a solid starting point for the campaign.

The 14th Free RPG Day in 2021 was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it still brought a variety of new releases to gamers. Traditionally, these releases were tasters for GenCon games. But these days are more than tasters; they can also serve as support for established RPGs, quick-starts, and gaming ephemera.

Reap & Sow

One of the best ways to spend Free RPG Days is to play games that are based on popular board games. Root Zombicide is one of those games, with a steampunk theme and a setting that takes inspiration from the romantic fantasy genre. This game is based on the critically acclaimed board game, and features a unique setting with Victoriana-styled art. Aside from zombies, other great free games for the PC include the critically acclaimed game, Root RPG.

Free RPG Day took place in 2021, after the annual GenCon event in Atlanta. While the actual date was moved up, reviews from R’lyeh were able to get access to several titles for free. The site’s editors, Keith Mageau and David Salisbury, teamed up to gather these titles to bring you the top free games available for Free RPG Day in 2021.

Cubicle Seven’s Reap & Sow

In addition to Soulbound, the company is also bringing two more games to Free RPG Day: Victoriana and Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound. Soulbound is a new RPG starring a group of epic heroes who must defend a settlement in the Realm of Death from the undead. In Victoriana, players will find themselves in the midst of a steampunk fantasy world.


Green Ronin released the Blue Rose Quickstart as one of the Free RPG Days exclusives. This RPG adventure is set in the ancient forest of Pavin Weald, a primordial old growth full of monsters, spirits, and sapient psychic creatures called rhydan. The game is written by Rhy-Wolf’s Woe author Stephen Michael DiPesa.

Blue Rose, funded on Kickstarter in 2015, is a complex romantic fantasy game that features swords, sorcery, and perks. When it was released in 2005, this RPG was far ahead of its time. The game is known for being inclusive and is a great option for people of all gender and sexual orientations. Inexperienced Ronin’s artwork and game mechanics are appealing and the UI and sound design are great.

The Blue Rose RPG has a setting that is inspired by the romantic fantasy genre. While it follows the same rules as the critically acclaimed board game, it also features a romantic fantasy setting. Unlike many RPGs, it’s easy to get lost in the storyline. Whether you’re seeking adventure or just a peaceful respite, this free RPG is a great way to spend your time.

The Free RPG Day Mission Booklet for Zombicide Chronicles is a solid campaign starter. The Player Characters are thrown together in the role of Survivors on an old cruise ship. The Childlike Empress has promenade decks, a nightclub, and a grand ballroom. To reach the bridge, the Survivors must battle their way across the decks of the ship.

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