Cheat-maker brags of computer-vision auto-aim that works on “any game”

What are these new features, and how do they work? Let’s take a look at computer-vision auto-aim, CUDA, and Neural network aimbots. We’ll also discuss CUDA and how it relates to game hacking. And if you want a cheat-maker review, we’ve got you covered!


While it is not possible to fully automate any game, there are a few ways to make it easier. For example, CVCheat provides basic automation features such as a trigger bot that detects an enemy in the crosshairs and automatically aims. Other features include automatic recoil adjustment to maintain accuracy, and optical character recognition to detect the weapon type. Users may need to experiment with detection thresholds and speed settings to find the perfect balance.

However, the anti-cheat algorithms may not catch every cheater if the cheater uses a computer-vision-assisted technique. However, as computer vision continues to improve, the techniques may be able to mask their use and be undetected by the game’s anti-cheat algorithms. If detected, the cheater could face legal repercussions in some countries. Meanwhile, he or she could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Neural network aimbots

The Cheat-maker claims to have created a computer-vision auto-aim for any game, regardless of genre. The aimbot works by learning from human-shaped objects and crossing lines. To train the AI, he uses CUDA to create a model of human-shaped objects. The source explains how the cheat tool works. Users can help the cheat tool be updated to the latest version by suggesting a new translation.

The system is powered by external video capture cards that record game output to separate computers. The external video capture cards are equipped with computer vision-based object detection algorithms, and they are trained to target enemies that are human-shaped. These cheat tools work on games that make use of video capture cards, so users may need to experiment with detection thresholds and speed settings to get a working system.

Computer-vision auto-aim

A CVCheat maker has promised that the next version of his cheat will feature computer vision, which would allow for full, undetectable auto-aim and automatic shots in any game. To get the CVCheat Pro, the developer asks for a $50 donation. While the website has since taken down any specific quid pro quo arrangement, he still explicitly mentions the $50 donation.


A new type of game-play is coming to your PS4 or PC in the form of CUDA-based computer-vision auto aim. The system allows the player to lock onto enemies and shoot them with pinpoint accuracy. Auto detect and fire is another feature that allows for the perfect recoil and headshot. Best of all, CUDA-based computer-vision auto-aim works on any game.

This advanced technology has a long and distinguished history. Earlier work by Yann LeCun and other pioneers has led to some amazing developments in computerized object recognition, especially on GPUs. The teams at MIT’s Media Lab and NVIDIA’s OpenCV library have taken these ideas and expanded them to make them usable for all games. With GPUs and the power that they provide, researchers have made tremendous progress in the area of computer-vision object recognition.

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